UFT Interview Questions and Answers

UFT (Unified Functional Testing), previously known as QTP gives useful and consistent test automation for programming applications and conditions.  Due to its graphical interface, scripting interfaces, and support for keywords, the demand for UFT has been increased after every passing day.  

UFT is a powerful tool that helps developers/testers to quickly test execution report generation, test data management, and object repository.  Given these benefits, having UFT information will positively give you an edge in finding a reasonable occupation in programming testing.

In the rest of the content, we have compiled a bunch of 20 UFT interview questions to help you perform better during the interview process. Keep reading…

Frequently asked UFT/QTP Interview Questions and Answers

1. Explain QTP/UFT?

Quick Test Performace (QTP) is nothing but an automated functional testing tool. By utilizing the QTP tool, testers can quickly identify errors that occur at the time of running the applications. Besides, the UFT tool compares the expected result with the actual result. 

2. What are the Advantages of the UFT Tool?

Following are some of the top advantages of utilizing a QTP tool. 

Report generation

Ease of navigation and use

Validation of result

3. What is Keyword View?

It represents the test in a table form that consists of items, data, and comments. 

4. Which Environments are supported by HP QTP?

Following are the environments supported by HP QTP:


Active X





Power Builder


Web Services and so on

5. Define the Different Phases of an Automation Testing Process?

 The phases of automation testing processes include:

Tool selection

Analysis of test automation

Selection of suitable framework

Development of automation framework

Execution of test script 

Analysis of results