Top 30+ SolarWinds Interview Questions and Answers [Updated]

Every organization requires a good network monitoring system that can track the network aspects and its operations. The faster the issues are tracked, the better the business works. SolarWinds is a popular service provider for managing systems, networks, and infrastructure. It helps in quickly detecting, diagnosing, and resolving network performance problems and outages.

There is not enough material on the internet to help you prepare for an interview on SolarWinds. With that in mind, our experts have put together the top 30 SolarWinds interview questions. In this post, you can go through the frequently asked SolarWinds interview questions and answers that will elevate your skill.

SolarWinds Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is SolarWinds NPM?

Ans: SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) detects and diagnoses network performance issues for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid systems. Any devices can be added to the network to track their performance. It provides network insights for deeper visibility. It offers NetPath and PerfStack for easy troubleshooting. The NPM will be able to scale according to the network requirements.

2. What are the advantages of SolarWinds?

Ans: The following are the advantages of SolarWinds.

  • It will speed up the troubleshooting process.
  • It provides a single console to access the high-level performance of all the devices in a network.
  • It avoids unexpected traffic bottlenecks that are key to some services.
  • It automatically calculates exhaustion dates based on the usage.
  • It identifies any kind of issues easily within a network.
3. List the important features of SolarWinds.

Ans: Here are some of the important features of SolarWinds.

  • Fault, performance, and availability monitoring
  • Customizable performance and availability reports
  • Hop-by-hop analysis
  • Automatic device mapping
  • Cross-stack network data correlation
4. What is SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer?

Ans: The SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is useful for monitoring SQL query performance, tuning, analysis, execution plans, blocking, and deadlocks. It can monitor databases that are both on cloud and on-premises. It offers powerful anomaly detection with the help of machine learning. It provides integration for PerfStack and AppStack.

5. Can we add objects automatically for monitoring?

Ans: Yes, we can add objects automatically for monitoring. All we have to do is run a discovery job in SolarWinds. This job finds all the devices that are connected to the network and add them for monitoring. A discovery job can be created through the Network Sonar Discovery Wizard. 


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