Sitecore Interview Questions

Sitecore is an organization offering two products, DMS and CMS. CMS is utilized by numerous associations in the world. Utilizing Sitecore, one can convey the client’s experience. You can use Sitecore in email, tablet, mobile, and so on. Sitecore developers use this to save every single piece of data in one place.  

Bear in mind, Sitecore developers’ jobs and obligations depend on creating, making, and adjusting the experience stage to upgrade execution, investigate client needs, and make related programming arrangements. 

Are you planning for a Sitecore Interview? If so, then thoroughly check the guide as here BVK Digital Solutionshave highlighted the Top 20 Sitecore Interview Questions Answers that might help you to crack the interview. 

Frequently asked Sitecore Interview Questions and Answers

1. Explain Sitecore in your Words?

Sitecore is an ASP.NET-based significant enterprise-level content management system that gives content editors and advertisers total control over their site. For instance, from blog posting to social integration to eCommerce to advanced personalizations, content editors can do everything. It’s an Independent Software Vendor partner of Microsoft. 

2. Define the Most Essential Features of Sitecore?

 These are the top most features of Sitecore:

With Sitecore, developers can optimize client’s experience

Make the cross-channel marketing more effective by automating them

Designed with the rapid deployment option

Helps you to quickly understand customers’ demand

Categorize your audience’s interest

3. What is Master Database?

Master Database is mainly used for content authoring

It’s also known as Substance material Authoring Database

You can add, delete or edit things inside Master Database

4. What is Web Database?

Web Database is also known as Distributed Database and it’s a subset of Master Database

Web Database is utilized for optimizing a website’s speed, performance, and size. 

As per requirement, you can rename the Web Database

5. Define Core Database?

The core database consists of all the essential Sitecore frameworks including,  Desktop Mode, Page Editor, Content Editor, and so on. You can store all Ribbon menu items within the core database. Apart from this, in order to create a new thing in the Ribbon, developers need to add context as well as the definition in the core database.  The core database is designed with all the essential features that make Sitecore more secure, and authorized.