Service Desk Analysts, commonly known as information technology experts who offer quick technical help to their customers. They react to approaching solicitations for IT backing and resolve network, hardware, and programming issues with PCs. Besides, they also perform software installations, updates, and technical maintenance. 

Bear in mind, the entire business relies upon customer care, and in case you are a service desk analyst, it means you have the responsibility to help users in the best possible way. So, if you want to be a service desk analyst, you must be well-prepared to crack the interview. Fortunately, here for your help, we have listed the Top 20 Service Desk Interview Questions that might help you during the interview time. 

Frequently Asked Service Desk Interview Questions

1. What is Service Help Desk?

 The service help desk is a type of technical support provided by IT professionals in order to help users related to any queries. It’s a single point contact and customers can contact them offline or online. 

2. What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Service Desk Analyst?

● Detect and fix technical problems and issues

● Categorize as well as record reported queries and provide instant solutions

● Support problem identifications

● Advise customers to take necessary precautions to avoid future damages

● Monitor problems from start to resolutions

● Escalate, if needed

● Provide important online security advice and support

3. What are the Different Forms of Service Help Desk?

Well, there are mainly four types of service help desk available for the customers. These are :

● Web

● Email Services

● Phone 

● Face to Face Meetings

4. Have you Provided Technical Support Before?

This is the most common question asked during a service desk interview.  Keep in mind, the majority of the technical support is done through remote support and the company always searches for a candidate who has experience in the specific field. So, give an honest answer. 

5. How do you keep yourself updated with the Latest IT Skills?

In recent days, computer skills are essential to communicate with customers and solve their problems at the earliest time. Having depth computer knowledge will not only make the task easy for you but also saves your energy and time. To keep yourself updated with the latest trends, you have to surf the internet, read online books, research journals, and take help from other educational resources.