Mulesoft Interview Questions

MuleSoft becomes popular when it was procured by Salesforce for outshining 6.5 billion dollars. There is a decent possibility for MuleSoft innovation in the future and IT professionals are searching for a career in the specific field. 

Are you one of those preparing for the MuleSoft Interview? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we have come with the Top 20 Advanced MuleSoft Interview Questions that will help you to crack the interview and get your dream job. 

Frequently Asked Mulesoft Interview Questions 

1. Explain MuleSoft?

MuleSoft works onAnyPoint Connectivity Model and is a cluster-based solution that integrates with Apps, Data over the cloud platform. MuleSoft connects the existing Saas via a single API interface. It runs a programmable web portal for web building and other applications. In recent days, MuleSoft is a widely used application integration as well as a communication platform to fulfill business requirements. 

2. What is Mule ESB?

ESB represents Enterprise Service Bus. Mule is a runtime engine of the Java-based ESB incorporation stage. It permits the development teams to interface and access flexibility and exchange data. 

Mule ESB assists with empowering simple mixes between application stages without making fluff about various innovations being utilized by the applications, (for example, JMS, HTTP, SaaS, Web services, and Payment Gateways). 

EBS can be carried out and sent to any place in the application network. It triggers occasions progressively or in the clump framework giving worldwide availability.

3. Specify the Features of Mule ESB?

Following are the main features of Mule ESB:

Web Service Security

Set of Service Container

Message Routing Service

Message Transformation Service

4. Define the Types of Primitives used in Mediation?

Sub Flow

Message Filter

Message Element Setter

Endpoint Lookup

Type Filter

Custom Mediation



Service Invoke

Message Logger

Even Emitter and so on.

5. Mention the Exception Handling Types?

Default Exception Handling

Choice Exception Handling

Global Exception Handling

Catch Exception Handling

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